Dr Sastry Memorial Lecture on the Vedas

Dr. Subhanu Saxena posted the following message at one of the online fora. It has a link to a 1:30:41 duration Video where one can watch a demo of Vedic recitation and the meaning of the mantras.

Message from Subhanu:

“We recently gave the inaugural memorial lecture for our dear departed Dr Satyanarayana Shastri, a great Sanskrit and Veda scholar who did much to promote the study of Sanskrit, Veda and Vedanta. The event was organized at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan London last Sunday and together with my Gurus from Mattur we gave a very brief overview of the Vedas to provoke interest and inspire people to take up the study of our ancient traditions. The lecture is given below and the Q&A will be posted shortly. We hope you enjoy the talk. Please feel free to share it with anybody who you believe can benefit from it
Thanks and regards
Subhanu ”


One thought on “Dr Sastry Memorial Lecture on the Vedas

  1. Hi Friends,

    I happened to quote the taittirIya Upanishad mantra III-x-9 in a recent Comment of mine at:

    अहमन्नमहमन्नमहमन्नम् । अहमन्नादो३ऽहमन्नादो३ऽहमन्नादः

    The pronunciation is:
    aha mannam aha mannam aha mannam.
    aha mannAdo aha mannAdo aha mannAdaH

    (Meaning: I am food; I am food; I am food. I am eater of food; I am eater food; I am eater of food).

    You can hear this mantra recited in the correct tone from 1:14:41 to 1:15:00 in the Video.

    The part from about 1:17:00 to 1:22:53 of the traditional way of reciting “mantra puShpaM” is particularly very exciting to listen to. It has a highly significant Advaita message.


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