Freedom – Love – Happiness

To be free from the other, from all others, is true freedom.

To be one with the other, with all others, is true love.

Both together is true happiness.

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About Sitara

Sitara was born in 1954, she became a disciple of Osho in 1979. In 2002, she met Dolano and from then on,discovered Western-style Advaita teachings, especially those of Gangaji. After reading Back to the Truth by Dennis Waite in 2007, Sitara started to study traditional Advaita Vedanta (main influences being Swami Paramarthananda, Swami Dayananda and Swami Chinmayananda). She teaches several students on a one-to-one basis or in small groups (Western-style teaching inspired by Advaita Vedanta). Sitara is highly appreciative of Advaita Vedanta while at the same time approving of several Western Advaita teachers. She loves Indian culture and spent many years in India.

3 thoughts on “Freedom – Love – Happiness

  1. A beautiful haiku and a charming pic. Thanks Sitara.


    (P.S.: How about saying:
    “Free to be the ‘other,’ like any of all others, is true Freedom.”)

      • Oh, With your permission then,
        We will say:

        To be, or not to be, free from the other is true freedom.

        To be one with the other, when no more an ‘other’, is true love.

        Altogether it is always true happiness.

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