I am the Light

A (Matin): Realization of witness consciousness is not brought about by anything or ‘anybody’. Consciousness does not perform any function, and there is nothing beyond or other than it. Finally, however, only intuition can nudge one towards it.

I am the Witness-Self; I am the basis of all experience; I am the light that that makes experience possible. – Yoga Vasishta.

4 thoughts on “I am the Light

  1. Martin, hello. 🙂

    I quite like Rupert Spira’s:

    “Consciousness is that
    in which all experience appears,
    with which all experience is known,
    out of which all experience is made.”

  2. Rupert Spira is a disciple (initially at least) of Francis Lucille, who is quite a lucid teacher on his own and previously was a follower or disciple of Jean Kline.

    • I like all of them, but the Direct Path tends to be a bit too direct for me, I do better with gradual paths, evolution over revolution.

  3. (This was my last reply to you’

    ‘…too direct’. —I understand. The founder (I think) of the ‘Direct
    Path’ was Shri Krishna Menon (Atmananda) – a police inspector or
    captain in an Indian city – who wrote forcefully and directly. His two
    main works are: ‘Atma Dharshan’ and ‘Atma-Nirvriti’ – I read both of
    them and have with me the second book.

    Sample of the second book: ‘It is the mind that has thoughts and
    feelings, not I. Birth, growth, decay and death pertain to the body
    and not to Me’ – 1st page of A.N.

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