New Authors

Just a brief note to announce (retrospectively!) the changes in our ‘blog role’.

I would like to thank Venkat and Shuka for all of their posts, support in the Q & A section, and participation in discussions over the past few years.

Shuka is busy with research on his doctorate until the end of next year. Hopefully we may see him rejoin subsequently.


venkatVenkat, too, has decided not to initiate any blogs for the time being, although he may continue to join in discussion (as can be seen from Charles’ first post). So hopefully we will not be without his earnest comments and fund of quotations.


In their place, I would like to welcome Melanie and Charles.

charlesWe have been seeing quite a few comments from Charles over the past months and it made sense, given their thoughtful and intelligent nature, to invite him to blog for AV, too. Though initially too busy to accept, he is now able to contribute, for a while at least.


Melanie is the first person actually to offer her services as a blogger. The quality of her writing and her obvious enthusiasm made this a foregone conclusion.