perspectivesEver since I began the site at, I have been using my own photographs (principally digitally enhanced flower photos) to illustrate the pages. Photography has been one of my main hobbies since early childhood and I have thousands archived. I recently started to build a portfolio of the best of these at 500px and I will be updating this on a regular basis, adding those that are voted for by the 500px community and removing the low-scoring ones. Please feel free to visit there to browse when you want a break from the mental struggle with Advaita! I have retained the Advaita VIsion logo and also advertize my books there! The portfolio is called Advaita Vision Perspectives. There is a new menu item at the top right to ‘Photos‘.

2 thoughts on “Perspectives

  1. Fascinating and Marvelous!
    Hats off to your patient cataloging of so many Pics and the informative annotations.
    Could glance through a few only.

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