Tattvabodha – Part 20

Part 20 of the commentary by Dr. VIshnu Bapat on Shankara’s Tattvabodha.This is a key work which introduces all of the key concepts of Advaita in a systematic manner.

The commentary is based upon those by several other authors, together with the audio lectures of Swami Paramarthananda. It includes word-by-word breakdown of the Sanskrit shloka-s so should be of interest to everyone, from complete beginners to advanced students.

Part 20 looks at the process of ‘grossification’ (pa~nchIkaraNa or ‘quintuplication’) whereby the five gross elements are formed from proportions of the tamasika aspects of the five subtle elements.

There is a hyperlinked Contents List, which is updated as each new part is published.

One thought on “Tattvabodha – Part 20

  1. You state in this part that: “We have seen that in the beginning only reality of the nature of existence, consciousness and bliss was there. It was also associated with Maya. Maya is of the nature of three qualities of sattva, Rajas and Tamas.”

    It would seem that a little more explanation is needed here. i.e. If there was ONLY the reality, how could it be associated with mAyA? It has always seemed to me that the complexities of pa~nchIkaraNa seek to obscure the basic question of how a non-dual reality can appear as duality. mAyA is a later device to say that, well actually, it IS only an appearance. I don’t think the two ‘explanations’ go together, do they?

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