ahaMkAra – Killing the ego

However much you may try to kill the ego, it will only become stronger. So you have to approach it from the other end. Everybody understands in spite of the ego. The truth is that the ego automatically dies when you understand anything.

You will never succeed in bringing in light, if you insist upon removing all the darkness from your room before you do so. Therefore simply ignore the ego and try to understand, and the understanding itself will remove the ego. (Note 847)

Notes on Spiritual Discourses of Shri Atmananda, taken by Nitya Tripta, Vol. 2, Non-Duality Press, 2009. ISBN 978-0-9563091-3-6. Buy from Amazon US, Buy from Amazon UK

2 thoughts on “ahaMkAra – Killing the ego

  1. ‘Killing the ego’ involves recognizing or acknowledging the ego not only as an enemy but as something really existing. This is tantamount to fixating on reflected consciousness (chidabhasa) as if it is something unique to each individual, i.e., ‘individual consciousness’, without realising that, in itself, is not other than pure, unchanging, and undivided consciousness (Atman), there being no other. This, of course, is the paramartha, higher, view.

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