Nathan Gill

gillNathan Gill (1960 – 2014)


As Consciousness You are already awake and aware. In the play of life when there is exclusive focus as the individual, Your true nature is forgotten and there is complete involvement in searching for enlightenment or awakening. But You already are aware, already completely awake; it’s simply that this is veiled by appearances, the story of ‘me’ as an individual.

Whenever Your true nature is remembered the spell is broken. The pursuit of enlightenment is clearly seen as nothing more than the cosmic lIlA. Awakeness is already the case under all circumstances, regardless of contrary appearances in the play.


The guru and the disciple appear as images in the cosmic lIlA – the play of life. Maybe the storyline in the play is that through grace the disciple receives the blessing of the guru, and for as long as there is entrancement with the story of ‘me’ this can be an enthralling drama. In actuality though there is no transmission of anything from one to another because there simply isn’t anyone.


No one becomes enlightened because in actuality there isn’t anyone. Only within the story in the play of life does striving to transcend individuality appear to have validity.

There is no individual that could become enlightened; no one that needs to attain or realize anything. The drama of striving to achieve enlightenment through various practices is limited to the play of appearances. What practice is needed to simply be?

All quotations from private Emails, reproduced in Back to the Truth: 5000 Years of Advaita (Paperback), Dennis Waite, O Books, Feb 2007, ISBN-10: 1905047614. Buy from or

4 thoughts on “Nathan Gill

  1. Nathan Gill was my Dad, he was very wonderful!!

    My heart is breaking at our loss but I know he had to go, and I find some comfort in that he’s no longer suffering!! He was very courageous and continued for as long as he possibly could!!!

    Of course, we are awareness but the “I/self” barges it’s way in, and being present isn’t as easy at the moment!!

    I’m re-reading Already Awake which is helping me!!

    Thank you for this lovely tribute to mine and Amy’s Dad and Angie’s partner!! Xxxx

  2. Please pass on our sincerest sympathies to all the family, Lucy. We may not have seen eye to eye on the teaching method but the ‘bottom-line’ message is the same: from the perspective of absolute reality, no one is ever born, no one dies; there is only Consciousness – ever perfect, ever complete. As long as this is kept in mind, we can weather the inevitable ups and downs of this empirical existence.

    Best wishes,

  3. Nathan Gill was remarkably clear in his words, and remarkably kind, warm, intelligent and humorous as a human being.

    A light has gone out.

  4. Dear Lucy,

    I found this in your Dad’s “Clarity”:

    ‘Whatever Your present appearance, it is already perfect, including any play of identification as ‘I’, and also any seeking to be rid of ‘I’. Life as the character is simply the play of appearances in awareness and has no requirement for awakening. There is only already awakens.’

    Even “not being present” is part of the play. And what a wonderful play it is that never ever excludes anything!


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