One thought on “The Dream Problem – Part 11

  1. “There is no criterion or scientific definition to distinguish a normally minded man from one of deranged mind. You have no means of testing the mental condition of a man except by his outward actions and behavior that are often deceptive.”

    1. Interesting conversations indeed!

    2. With reference to specifically the quote above, I would like to submit that modern scientific advances do point out the possibility of identifying non-invasive “Markers” that can be developed to distinguish the brain of a ‘person’ functioning from the position of an “ego” (with a strong sense of ‘agency’ for action) vis-a-vis the brain (in the body-organism) of a Jivanmukta who has no such claims of ‘doership’. There are also other markers which are unique to a Jivanmukta and do not depend on the amount of deviation from the baseline data of a so called ‘normal’ man. Further, the pathological condition of a lunatic’s brain, at least in a majority of cases in my opinion, should differ from that of a Jivanmukta.


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