adhikAritvam as explained by Sw. Paramarthananda


images-1If a qualified student gains the knowledge comprehensively from the shAstra through shravaNam and mananam, that j~nAnam itself is capable of directly giving liberation.  It  is  because  the  knowledge  is,  “I  am  already  free”.  Not  only  have  I had  the  knowledge  regarding  my  freedom.  I  am  able  to  look  at  the  aha.nkAra  as an  insignificant  one.  Therefore  I  become  a  sAkShi  pradhAna  puruShaH (for Sanskrit terms that are not common knowledge to advaitin readers see the glossary below).  aha.nkAra is  only  an  incidental  veShaH  that  I  have.  As  somebody  nicely  said,  I  am  a spiritual  being  incidentally  having  a  human  experience  and  I  am  not  a  human being  seeking  a  spiritual  experience.  Therefore,  for  a  qualified  student,  shravaNa and  manana  convert  him  into  sAkShi  pradhAna  puruShaH  and  his  aha.nkAra becomes a veSha. Continue reading