Subscription Deletions

We have recently been receiving large numbers of what appear to be spurious subscriptions to the site, presumably for the purpose of spamming.

Accordingly, new subscriptions have temporarily been suspended and a number of existing subscribers have been deleted. The criteria for deleting these were as follows:



. Username unnecessarily long, with random alpha characters or numbers.
. No Name field entered.
. Email address suspect in a similar way, or closely resembling those of other subscribers.
. No posting activity since subscribing.

(If there had been posts or if a name had been entered, then the subscriber was not deleted.)

My sincere apologies if any valid subscriber has been deleted but I am sure you will understand and accept the error. Please re-subscribe and ensure that you enter your name and preferably use a Username that does not look as though generated by a computer!

If I have inadvertently deleted anyone who was not guilty of the above misdemeanours, then I doubly apologize!

I will reinstate the subscription facility in a few days.