Bhagavad Gita (Topic-wise) Part 9

Part 8

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6-1: Preparation

6-1-1: Preparatory Knowledge

6-1-1-4: Brahma-Loka, Krama-Mukti 8(16,23 to 28)
8(16) says that a seeker who knows Brahm reaches Brahm and is liberated in the current life. He is a Jivanmukta. After death, he merges with Brahm and is Videhamukta. His karmic balance is nil and there is no travel of the subtle body to any other loka and he does not return to human loka. Ignorant jivas, however pious and virtuous, after death, travel to other lokas including the highest Brahma-loka and after exhausting punyas there is a return to human or even lower loka as per karmic dictates.

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