Bhagavad Gita (Topic-wise) Pt13

Part 12

Part 14

6 Moksha
Preparation 6-1
Preparatory Action 6-1-2
6-1-2-9 Isvara-Arpan and Isvara-Prasada 9(26 to 29), 12(6 to 11), 18(57,62)
6-1-2-9-1: 9(26 to 29)
Though Sri Krishna has talked about both selfish devotion and selfless devotion, he wants to dwell more on the latter since it purifies the mind for spiritual progress. In the former, the devotee performs various rituals per scriptural injunctions for the fulfillment of varied desires. If there is a violation of injunctions, results may not fructify. It may even be counter-productive and harmful. On the other hand, selfless devotion has no rigid rules and regulations.  Continue reading