Bhagavad Gita (Topic-wise) Pt 14

Part 13

Part 15

6 Moksha
Preparation 6-1
Preparatory Action 6-1-2
6-1-2-11 Dharma and Harmony 3(10 to 16)

Karma yoga is proper action with the proper attitude. Sri Krishna presents another facet of karma yoga. A human being is a product and part of nature. If any harm is caused to the whole, the part is also affected. A human being should live in harmony with nature. It is included in the proper attitude of karma yoga. Creation is not an accident. It follows cosmic rules. This cosmic rule may be viewed as a sacrifice or yajna of the creator. The human beings are born of the sacrifices.

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Bhagavad Gita (Topic-wise) Pt13

Part 12

Part 14

6 Moksha
Preparation 6-1
Preparatory Action 6-1-2
6-1-2-9 Isvara-Arpan and Isvara-Prasada 9(26 to 29), 12(6 to 11), 18(57,62)
6-1-2-9-1: 9(26 to 29)
Though Sri Krishna has talked about both selfish devotion and selfless devotion, he wants to dwell more on the latter since it purifies the mind for spiritual progress. In the former, the devotee performs various rituals per scriptural injunctions for the fulfillment of varied desires. If there is a violation of injunctions, results may not fructify. It may even be counter-productive and harmful. On the other hand, selfless devotion has no rigid rules and regulations.  Continue reading

Bhagavad Gita(Topic-wise)Part 10

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6 Moksha

6-1 Preparation

6-1-1 Preparatory Knowledge

6-1-1-8: Yog-bhrasta                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Chapter 6 has discussed dhyana yoga-Vedantic meditation called nidhidhyasana- the last stage of jnana yoga- for the benefit of a sincere seeker. His goal is moksha, and he is not interested in wealth or punyas. Arjuna wants to know the fate of a seeker who is sincere but has not completed jnana yoga and is not liberated. He has not earned sufficient punyas to go to Swarga. Arjuna apprehends that such a seeker is lost like scattered clouds. Continue reading